Overview :- The increase in trade volume, due to rapid customer growth in the capital market, demands faster transaction processing and quick decision making. Complex regulatory requirements have made the role of technology in financial markets more critical. In the current scenario, Capital market firms across sell side and buy side businesses continue to operate in a highly volatile environment that impacts the profitability of companies. This environment imposes firms to implement high level customization, complex integration between systems, high-level automation, standardized regulatory compliance solutions, new product development, and risk mitigation. World Planet E-Solution understands these issues and offers an easily deployable platform solution that can help capital market firms to transform and run a wide variety of trading operations while satisfying their customer needs. As a result, companies can attain high governance and operations management support, ensuring quick responses to their clients in a dynamic global market.

Investment Research & Analytics Management

Investment Research

World Planet comprehensive financial planning and analysis services help banks and financial institutions stay ahead of the curve; making informed, reliable, and agile decisions.

Trade & Settlements

World Planet capital market solution suite serves investment banks, prime brokerages, and dealers in alignment with current market standards.

Explore aggregated risks visually On demand

Our capital markets software delivers comprehensive solutions for analyzing and aggregating risk by type, including:

Market risk

Value a full range of market instruments, perform stress tests and optimize portfolios across the entire firm, and gain an enterprise view of market risk.

Credit risk

Manage counterparty exposures and CVA to achieve Basel compliance.

Liquidity risk

Optimize capital and funding, perform FTP and analyze hedging strategies with efficiency and accuracy.

Operational risk

Manage and value your operational and compliance risk.